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What is the Mentality Project?

Mentality is a youth leadership project run by Off the Record (Bristol). Young people aged 13-19 from all walks of life but with experience of mental health issues and services come together once a week to lead the organisation and campaign with us for better mental health.

If you're up for the challenge of taking part in this exciting project, please contact Laura on 07975507300 or email .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

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7/2/2012 - This Is Bristol: Award for project tackling stigma
7/3/2012 - This Is Bristol: 'Unique vision' wins youth project prize
Mentality Project - BBC Radio Bristol spot by otrbristol Pete on Truth About Youth - Prince's Trust on BCFM by otrbristol

15. May 2013

Exam Stress - Let’s Get Physical!

So it’s exam season again - whether its SAT’s, GCSE’s, A-Levels or Uni, exams can become a very stressful time, constant revision and the worry of what grade you will achieve can really get you down.

This week, it is mental health awareness week and the theme is physical activity! The mental health foundation have pointed out that we are constantly told to exercise because of the positive effects it has on our physical health, but what about our mental wellbeing?

Even 10 minutes of walking can have many positive effects on our mood and make us more alert. Physical activity can have a huge effect of relieving stress, so why not try taking a break from revision to go for a swim or for a walk outside or a gentle jog?

You can visit http://www.mentalhealth.org.uk/our-work/mentalhealthawarenessweek/for more information about the benefits of physical exercise and how you can get involved this mental health awareness week!


06. Mar 2013

Comic Relief Quiz Night!

Comic Relief is coming up soon (15th March!) and Mentality is on a mission!

We are planning a great night at our new home, The Station!

We are hosting a quiz night, open mic and raffle. There will also be a cake sale and refreshments available. Its going to be an amazing night, with a lively, friendly atmosphere - and raising money for a great cause and one of our funders!

I takes place on Friday 15th of March at 5:30 - 9pm.
The night is going to be buzzing, so get your team together (up to 6 people per team) and sign up!

The evening is priced at £2 per person in advance and £3 per person on the door. All the details are on our Facebook page!

We’ll see you there!

27. Feb 2013

Mentality and Radio One!

So it’s Thursday evening, Mentality evening - but with a twist.

A BBC Radio 1 journalist called Greg joined us. Greg sat in Mentality’s meeting, learning a little about what Mentality does. He then took a couple of young people into the next room to interview them.

Greg was interested in the story around there being no funding for young people from South Gloucestershire to receive counselling at Off The Record. Greg wanted to talk to young people about the support at Off The Record and how beneficial it is, and how it would feel if you were unable to gain that support. Greg interviewed me and some other young people with a very big microphone, it was little nerve-wracking.

Greg then came back on Friday morning to The Station as he wanted to speak to some more young people. Due to some of the Mentality volunteers creating a campaign video, he was able to collect some more stories and illustrate the importance of somewhere like Off The Record to young people.

He also recorded some sound effects asking us to pick up pens and laugh. It all seemed little odd but will be great when we hear it all together.

BBC Radio 1 are doing a Mental Health week in March, this is when this story will be on Radio.

—written by Carina on 21st Feb. Thanks Carina!

30. Jan 2013

Mentality Update - January 2013!

Happy New Year! It’s been a while.

Here at Mentality, we’ve been pretty busy over the past few months. We’ve mostly been working on our resource pack for schools – there’s only 3 weeks left until our deadline so quite a lot of work to do, but it’ll be worth it in the end! The pack will be lessons we can teach to different year groups about mental health and emotional well-being.

We also went on a residential weekend to Goblin Combe in November/December, to learn some new skills. It was weird being away from the city (or, more importantly for some of us, the internet) but it was a good break and we survived! Becky, Jo and Laura led these workshops for us (with food and game breaks, of course) and taught us how to lead discussions, help a friend with their mental health, make a presentation and give constructive criticism. There were some great team building activities and ice-breakers included in these, too, and everything was taught gradually with input from the team along the way, so we could bounce ideas off each other and get a fuller understanding.

When we weren’t working hard, there was time to go on walks, listen to music, play bingo or just generally chill out.  We also had a scavenger hunt and campfire to keep us warmed up too!

Since returning to civilization and the New Year, we’ve been shaking out the cobwebs and busying ourselves with the resource pack. We’ve also started updating our tumblr again, so feel free to check it out (maybe not live for another week or so) and follow us if you’re on there.

There are several videos in the making the for the resource pack, one is to tell people about counselling; technical difficulties have got in the way but we’re sticking with it! So keep a ear and eye out for new video uploads!

That’s the basics for now – check back again soon!

12. Oct 2012

Mentality’s Mental Health Roadshow

As you more eagle eyed readers may know, this week, the 10th October, was World Mental Health Day. As days go this was a big one for both Off The Record and the Mentality team and one we were eagerly anticipating. With the help of Off the Record the Mentality Volunteers managed to fill the entire week out with workshops and stalls in several schools, including Bristol Met, Brunel Academy, Redland Green, Bristol cathedral school and Orchard School.

We went into each school to promote Off the Record, talked about mental health and Broke down any stigma. We did this by playing several games including myth buster and guess the celebrity all made by mentality volunteers. We also played a game we like to call the ‘Washing line of Wonder’. This involved getting groups of young people to write something great about each other on a piece of paper clothing and pegging it on a washing line. The aim of this game was to promote positive mental health, to show the important of support and to illustration how good it is to give and receive positive comments.  By entertainment (and rewards!) we managed to attract lots of young people.

We got lots of great feedback and saw 1000’s of students! What was even better was the amount of interest as young people came up to us and asked all sorts of questions about mental health and Off the Record in general. We handed tons of badges and OTR leaflets which was great, too.

Here’s a quote from a Mentality volunteers, Alex.
“I really enjoyed going into schools and talking to others. They all seemed really up for and asked loads of questions. It was great to hear different viewpoints and ideas of promoting good mental health.”