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At OTR we offer a wide range of one-to-one therapies. So whatever you’ve got going on, and however you want to work through it, we have something for you.


Our team of therapists come from a wide range of backgrounds and work in a variety of ways. They’ve all been chosen to work at OTR because whatever technique they have trained in, they will listen to what you say and won’t judge you.

Our therapy sessions can be a great way to explore and understand your thoughts, feelings and actions, approach the challenges you might be facing, and discover your strengths. You can focus on whatever you like; your therapist is there to help you find your own way forward. And if you feel like it’s not working, you can try someone or something else that we offer!

You can opt to sign up to see an art therapist, drama therapist or counsellor. The quickest option on our sign-up form is to choose ‘any therapy’, a drama therapist or art therapist. Counselling may take a little longer.


Art Therapy

Art Therapy uses different materials to help you express feelings and emotions in an individual way.

Sometimes expressing your thoughts, feelings and experiences through art is easier than using words. During art therapy sessions you can work with a range of materials. There are no set rules – it’s up to you what you use and how a session should go.

Each week, you’ll be invited to make something, but there’s no pressure! You don’t need to be good at art and you won’t be judged on what you make or do. We’ll support you in the creative process, and it’s totally OK if you’re not feeling creative or prefer to ‘just talk.’

Currently available in Bristol only!


Drama Therapy

Drama Therapy is a form of psychological therapy in which healing aspects of drama and theatre are used. You do not need to be good at acting or performing to benefit from Drama Therapy. Together with a Drama Therapist you will create a safe space in which you can explore your thoughts, feelings and experiences, find new ways of expressing yourself and discover different perspectives. It can be helpful for people who are finding it difficult to put their experiences into words or who would like to work creatively with feelings that may be too overwhelming to talk about directly.

Examples of the artistic techniques used in Drama Therapy include story-telling, games, sound and movement. It is your space and you can choose which way of working suits you.


Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

CBT is a kind of talking therapy that focuses on how your thoughts, beliefs and attitudes affect your feelings and behaviour, and teaches you coping skills for dealing with different problems. Research suggests that this approach can be particularly helpful for feelings of anxiety and low mood/depression.

It combines cognitive therapy (examining the things you think) and behaviour therapy (examining the things you do).

If you’re interested in accessing CBT, come along to one of our Hubs to discuss it with us!

Please note!

If you are aged 18-25 and live in Bristol you will need to access our CBT service via Bristol Wellbeing Therapies.

If you are aged 18-25 and live in South Gloucestershire you will need to access our CBT service via South Gloucestershire Talking Therapies.


Pro Real

ProReal is a computer-based way of supporting you to explore thoughts, feelings, and relationships in your life. It uses a 3D environment, where you can place virtual people and objects into a virtual world. You can then have these characters talk to each other and act/posture in meaningful ways.

ProReal can be really helpful if you struggle with talking or explaining your feelings out loud. The software is really good at helping you explain to the therapist what’s going on for you.

ProReal is a great way to explore your feelings, relationships, and difficult situations at home, school, or work for example. Here’s a video giving you a rough idea of what the software looks like.



Counselling can be a great way to explore and understand your thoughts, feelings and behaviours, approach the challenges you might be facing, and discover your strengths.

You can talk about whatever you like; your counsellor is there to help you find your own way forward. At OTR, you will be offered a session at the same time each week (with the same counsellor) for a period of six weeks.


Not your thing / too long to wait?

While we try to offer the most diverse range of services possible here at OTR, we recognise that there’s a whole bunch of other awesome agencies and charities out there who can provide more specialist support than we’re able to. If you want some info or guidance on specific issues, here are some useful links to try.

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