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When we’re worried, anxious, sleepless or depressed, we’re made to feel that something’s wrong with us. If we call out oppression, show our emotions, and refuse to toe the line, we’re labelled ‘snowflakes’.

In the face of injustice and inequality we’re told to toughen up, accept it, deal with it and be more resilient.

What if it’s not us that’s the problem? What if we started to address the root causes?

When snowflakes join together, we become a snowstorm.

Generation Snowstorm is a summer school for 16-25 year olds where we’ll:

  • Explore the structures that impact on our individual and community wellbeing.
  • Learn from inspiring stories of activism and social movements.
  • Develop our skills and share tactics for making change.
  • Build a foundation for taking collective action in a sustainable and nourishing way.

Generation Snowstorm is now running in Bristol and we have stopped accepting sign-ups. But check back to this page to see updates from the project!

Generation Snowstorm

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