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16-21 year olds

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Acts of Activism allows you to connect with other young people aged 16-21 interested in learning, engaging and understanding social activism.

Please note that the Acts of Activism sessions will continue online. A new round of sessions will start in the new year. You can register your interest in joining with the button above. 

Acts of Activism is an 8-week long project where we learn about different topics around social action and activism. Each week, we hear from a different young local activist, and we explore ways to take small acts of activism in our own daily lives. There are no silly questions, and we’re all learning together!

Meet the team

Kavita (She/Her)
“There is no requirement of activism-ness to join! As long as your intentions are to learn, you will fit right in!”

Kavita facilitates the discussions. Her role is to lead discussion points, keep timings and ‘interview’ the local activist that joins the session each week. She is also available via private message through the Zoom each week if you have any issues or are finding the content difficult, as she can move the conversation along anonymously if needed.

What can I expect?

A really open environment to get to know other young people, share your questions and concerns and to learn. In Kavita’s words, ‘this group is an informal space to vent feelings with others who are a bit fed up with how the world is at the moment!’.

As young people, we are constantly in a place where we see injustice. This is a space where we can be around other people who also feel a bit powerless but want to make change. These sessions centre around different injustices, in the company of guest speakers who are actively involved in social change around those injustices.

How do the sessions run?

Over the 8 weeks, we have 1 introduction session, 6 activism sessions, and 1 review session.

The introduction is for us to discuss expectations of the group, talk about what we already know about activism and what we want to know.

The activism sessions start with a bit of chat about what we already know about the topic, then we have a casual discussion with a local activist, and round up the session with a chat about what we now know.

The review session is where we chat about what we’ve learnt, what we wish we had learnt, and there is an opportunity here to decide to continue the activism journey.


We hope you join us for Acts of Activism by signing up using the button at the top of the page, but if you have any questions, feel free to drop Kavita an email on

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