Do you self-harm or know anyone who does? OTR’s hARMED group workshop is for anyone aged 11-17 struggling with self-harm or thoughts of self-harm.

Please note that the hARMED sessions are moving online due to the circumstances around the Coronavirus. These start at the end of April and you can sign up with the button above. Read more about OTR’s availability here

Self-harm can have a number of causes, like a difficult situation at home, school or work. In this workshop, we look at how a stressful world can lead us to cope in certain ways. Then, we begin to look at other, more healthy ways we can manage life stresses. The workshop also offers a space for you to share with your peers, but you don’t have to talk if you don’t want to.

You’ll learn facts and myths about self-harm, how to keep safe, the science of how the mind and body works, how to deal with difficult emotions, and how to reduce self-harm by learning new ways to manage.

Each workshop meets once a week for six weeks and has about eight young people around the same age in attendance. Workshops run regularly every few months.

Upcoming dates:

Tues 21st April – Tues 2nd June (with a week break for May half-term)
@ OTR, St. Michael’s Hill, Bristol BS2 8EA
Times TBC

Please note that you can only sign up to one OTR group, or one-to-one therapy, at a time (our groups are: Mind Aid, hARMED and Shameless).

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