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Cycling with Ride Out Ride On is a new project for 11-25 year olds that aims to bring the joy and freedom of cycling to those who, through mobility-impacting factors, such as disability or long term health conditions, would otherwise be unable to go out for a ride.

We’re excited to have partnered with Ride On Ride Out (RORO for short!), to deliver this new offer to 11-25 years olds in Bristol.

Cycling with RORO sessions will take place on an adaptive tandem bike with a ride leader, so you can do as much or as little pedalling as you want. The ride leader also controls the brakes and gears, and has their own pedals. You can choose either one-on-one or in a pair with another young person on a separate tandem.

You can sign up to 3 free sessions and once signed up, we’ll be in contact to talk about how we can make the sessions as accessible as possible for you. Our sessions often take place in Ashton Court, but this can be changed to suit you! Similarly, we can be flexible with time and once we get in contact, we’ll work this out between us.

About RORO

Ride Out Ride On – RORO for short – is an inclusive and adaptable cycle service for adults and children, based in Bristol.

Regular physical exercise is widely accepted as a key factor in improving physical and mental health. Access or the ability to exercise regularly, however, is not the same for all individuals. RORO has sought to address this imbalance by providing regular, one-to-one aerobic exercise through assisted cycling. RORO’s cycle outreach service is about bringing riding to those who would otherwise be unable to ride themselves – and to open up for them all the life-giving, life-affirming benefits cycling can bring.

Thanks for doing this, it really chills me out
I love the freedom and independence to so something I want to do
It’s such a nice way of connecting with people and their surroundings
Can’t tell you how much it gave me a boost!

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