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11-25 year olds

Our Parkour sessions with Free Your Instinct cover topics such as overcoming obstacles, overcoming fear, reconnecting, sleep, anger and others.

Credits :
Lyrics and vocals: Callum Aitken (Inspectah-Sensa)
Free Runner: Jay Danks

Director/DOP/Editor: Karolina Jagiellowicz (KaroJFilm)
Camera: Joe Carty
Music: Prosthetics – Calum Yuill

We’re excited to offer a parkour project in collaboration with a great local organisation called Free Your Instinct, who use parkour to support people with their mental health.

Across 8 weeks of sessions, led by OTR and a qualified parkour coach from Free Your Instinct (with over 10 years’ experience!), we will cover topics such as overcoming obstacles, overcoming fear, reconnecting, sleep and anger. Together, we will explore different kinds of vaults, focus and balance, jumping across gaps and scaling walls.

The sessions will take place outside, at Castle Park in central Bristol (which is apparently a world-renowned parkour hot-spot), and will be adapted to different weather conditions, so you might need a waterproof!

No experience of parkour or any level of existing fitness is necessary. These sessions are about movement and the moment, not about being super-fit or athletic. Although the sessions take place in a group, this is a place where you can focus on your own progress. You do you – everyone taking part in the group will be able to challenge their own individual barriers, and we encourage everyone to push along their own path but support each other as we do it.

The groups will be run in age categories of 11-15 and 16-25.

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