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Pro Real is a computer-based way of getting support and is available to 11-25 year olds. It uses a 3D environment, where you can place virtual people and objects in a 3D world. You can then make these characters talk to each other and act in meaningful ways.


Built using 3D gaming technology, Pro Real helps you create a visual representation of how you are experiencing a situation, enabling you to explore different perspectives and solve problems.

ProReal can help especially if you struggle with talking, as you can use the software to help you explain what’s going on.

This is a form of counselling/therapy, delivered by a trained OTR therapist and using a PC, laptop or tablet. Lots of young people tell us they like it as an alternative to face-to-face support. We can offer this over 12 sessions, depending on the support that you need.

ProReal can help you explore lots of things, including your feelings, relationships, and situational problems.

ProReal The Story To Tell from ProReal on Vimeo.


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