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16-25 year olds

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2:30-3:30pm Wednesday 19th January

Our Weightlifting sessions with Bristol Co-operative Gym can help you with both your physical and mental health.

We all know that lifting weights develops physical strength but there is also an increasing recognition of the role it can play in improving our mental health too. When we begin training, we make improvements very quickly, and this plus the changes in our brain chemistry from exercise means we’ll likely leave feeling better than when we walked in. In the weight room we can control challenges in a measurable way and track our progression through adding weight, doing more repetitions, or moving more comfortably and with better technique. Things that seemed impossible very quickly become possible and this can have an impact outside of the gym too, where we can apply that learning to other challenges in our lives.

Bristol Co-operative Gym would love to begin this journey with you, introducing you to safe and effective weight training in a supportive environment.

This is for NEET young people aged 16-25, classes will happen at the Bristol Co-operative Gym. This project will run for 8 weeks. 


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