otrbristol | 8th May 2016

MENTALITY say: Stand Together, Stick Together

Post brought to you by OTR’s youth campaigning group, Mentality!


Readers, we have a new challenge for you!

You may be aware that last year The Mentality Project launched their campaign called My Mental Health is Not Adjective, or for short #NotAdjectives. The aim of the campaign is to encourage discussions around this question – is mental health stigma fueled by our language?

For this year’s Mental Health Awareness Week (starting 16th May), we challenge you to join in this discussion by being part of our new sticker challenge!

The theme for this Mental Health Awareness Week is friends and relationships, so we want to create an unbroken chain of discussions among friends around the #NotAdjective discussion.

We have created stickers with six statements on them, with the aim to provoke ideas about how we talk about mental health.

The rules are simple: ask someone from The Mentality Project or Off the Record Bristol for a pack of 30 stickers. You are challenged to place five of these stickers in the best place possible (that is defined by you) and then hand five stickers to five of your friends, challenging them to do the same.

You need to evidence where you place your stickers, by sending pictures to any of our social media sites [Mentality Facebook | OTR Facebook | OTR Twitter] and tagging it with #NotAdjectives.

The sticker that is placed in the best place will win a £40 voucher to share with a friend.

The reason for this, is that many young people feel too ashamed, too scared and too worried to speak out to get help. By creating discussions about how we talk about mental health them we can create a new language around this subject that is more supportive and encouraging.


Here are the rules again –

1) Collect the stickers from a Mentality volunteer or staff member at OTR.

2) Place five stickers up in different places – think interesting, wacky, political and challenging places.

3) Take a photo, upload it to The Mentality Project’s Facebook or Off the Records social sites with the tag #Not Adjectives.

4) Challenge five of your friends to do the same and discuss the statements.

5) All pictures that we receive by 24th May will automatically be entered into a competition to win a £40 voucher!

Disclaimer: OTR are not responsible for where the stickers are placed, nor we are accountable for any accidents that may occur. You are responsible for your own care and for not breaking the law!