I want to make social change!

Social action is all about coming together with other people to create a positive change within society. There isn’t one set way to do social action – it can be anything from poetry to protests, art to advocacy, politics to peer education.

Social action usually aims to change some form of inequality or disadvantage. You may have seen social action focusing around human rights, stigma, climate change, or funding cuts (to list a few!)

Activism might not be the first thing that comes into your head when you think about wellbeing, but there’s a whole list of reasons why it’s a great thing to get involved with:

Find and use your voice

Social action lets you reclaim power and take ownership of things that negatively impact your life or the state of your community. It is a great way to have your voice and views heard. This is so important, especially today when current world events can leave lots of us feeling dis-empowered and unable to change anything.

Build skills

Never done social action before? Don’t worry! We can support you to develop skills and confidence to plan and deliver social action. The young people who campaign with us say that they have developed as a person and grown a valuable skill set.

Grow more resilient

Social action helps your resilience by helping build a sense of purpose, self efficacy and identity, all of which can increase our resilience. It can also increase confidence, reduce feelings of anxiety, and expand your support networks.

Make friends and build communities

The coming together of like-minded people in a comfortable setting is key to social action. You’ll meet people with similar views whilst working together on something you care about. Not only will this build your own community, but the campaigning you do will help other communities grow and flourish also.

Make a difference!

Social action lets us tackle things we think are wrong in society. It can be a great way to turn negative experiences into positive change, and is a healthy channel for any anger or sadness you might feel around the campaign topic. It’s also a way to give back to your community – doing good feels good!

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