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Project Zazi is the name for our work with young black people and young people of colour and supports them in exploring culture and identity and tackling issues of inequality and oppression.

Just like all projects at OTR some Project Zazi services have moved online temporarily throughout the pandemic and lockdown. Read more about OTR’s availability here

Zazi means ‘Know Yourself, Know Your Strength’. The project offers a mix of one-to-one support and different kinds of group work (both digital and face-to-face). In all these spaces we aim to provide safe and brave atmospheres where you can explore your identity and culture, try new activities and learn new skills. The aim of Project Zazi is to promote good physical and mental health, healthy relationships and positive lifestyles.

Right now, because of COVID 19, some of our work in school settings and face-to-face may be put on hold until we are assured that safety in that space can be guaranteed. For now though, we are continuing to offer our support on-line and we have a new digital group therapy called “Speakers Corner”, which you can use the pink sign-up button above to access and sign up for. Here is some info:

Speakers Corner

Speaker’s Corner is a safe space for black people and people of colour to discuss identity in a non-judgmental way with the focus being on you and your views. In these virtual sessions we discuss and debate various aspects of culture such as – where do we feel like we belong? How can we feel safe? What does a healthy relationship look like? What are the impacts of expectations from others? How does gender play a role in our identity? Is it okay to forgive? How can we heal?

This group is aimed at young people aged 16-25 and takes place online, on Tuesday evenings. Those who identify as male, female and non-binary are all welcome!

Black Bristol

Black Bristol is an interactive digital exhibition put together by project Zazi and the Black community of Bristol with the aim of creating a narrative that is owned and controlled by the people. It provides an introduction to Black history in the city and acknowledges and celebrates how it has been shaped by the Black community across time. You can view the Black Bristol website here.


OTR Writes

OTR Writes is a five week course focussing on self expression through spoken word and poetry, our next project is being led by Zazi Project Manager Tanya Williams/Muneera Pilgrim. Interested? Check out the OTR Writes page and sign up.

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"The group talks about real things that matter to me, stuff that we don't get to focus on anywhere else. I really like coming and the team are really nice and supportive"
Jamal, 15
Project Zazi

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