Sexuality & Gender Identity

Our identity is important and it is something we all think about, explore, talk about and celebrate. At OTR we know that identity matters. 

Everyone has an experience of their identity and that’s unique and important to you. At OTR there is never any pressure to share your identity or to label yourself, but also we know and recognise that the words we use for our identity has power – and we celebrate sexuality and gender in our work each and every day.

At OTR you will be recognised, respected and supported and acknowledged using the words and language that describes your own experience of your sexuality, gender and identity across all of our projects.

Our Freedom project provides social spaces, support, information and opportunities to get involved in LGBTQ+ activism and fun activities and 1:1 support options. Freedom is the UK’s oldest, longest running LGBTQ+ sexuality and gender project for young people.

LGBTQ+ : lesbian, gay, bi, trans, queer ‘+’ is used to recognise all genders and sexualities such as pansexual, asexual, demisexual queer, non-binary, gender-fluid, questioning, gender diverse, and many more…

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