Partner With Us

Partner With Us

These are really difficult times for many of us. It is important that we do not stand still; OTR needs to continue to proactively put in place support, information and infrastructure that allows young people to have a choice and a voice in an increasingly complex and hostile global context. We continue to exist in a challenging societal and political climate which makes the landscape difficult for young people navigating their mental health and wellbeing.

All of OTR’s services are free for young people. Partnering with us helps us to continue to provide crucial support in our community. A partnership with OTR is a fantastic way to show your staff and customers that you’re committed to both making a difference in your local community, and improving the mental health of young people. We’d love to work with you, whether you have 10 employees or 10,000.


Make us your Charity of the Year

By choosing OTR as your Charity of the Year, we will ensure that your business is not only making a vital impact on young people’s lives, but we’re also helping to align your social priorities and business needs.

We can design an awesome package to inspire your staff and help your company to make a real difference for young people accessing mental health support, ensuring they get the respect and choice they need.

Wards Solicitors Managing Partner Jenny Pierce says:

We have been very proud to support Off the Record as our chosen charity. It does incredibly important work with young people in our region, helping to give them a voice and providing counselling and practical support. The charity also works hard to dispel some of the myths and prejudices surrounding mental health. We hope we have been able to make a real impact on the valuable work that it does with young people.

Read their blog here.

A partnership with us will engage, develop and support your staff while transforming lives. Making OTR your charity of the year could be the start of the perfect partnership. We can provide:

A dedicated account manager

Marathon Team places

Support with fundraising events

Social media promotion and collaboration

Opportunities to raise awareness

Information stalls and opportunities to deliver talks at your organisation

Diffusion Training

Become a Corporate Partner

If you would like to fundraise for OTR but you do not run a charity of the year scheme, you can still partner with us and donate to support our vital services.

Our donors and partners have run marathons, cycled to Paris, run club nights and much more to raise money to support young people’s mental health. And in doing so, they have spread awareness around mental health, ensuring more people get the support they need.

If you’d like to know more, email our fundraising team:

Mark fundraises for OTR

I think what OTR is doing, is not just providing one-to-one therapies but it’s also providing spaces and communities for young people to support each other and to campaign and to try and change some of the conditions that children and young people face. So it’s about long lasting change for the better.

Read his blog here.

Can we help?

If you would like to fundraise for OTR, I'm here to help. That could include support with event ideas, fundraising materials and sharing hints and tips. We would love to hear from you, so please get in touch. Thank you for supporting us!

Leilah King