Climate Anxiety

We acknowledge and recognise that the climate crisis may be a significant cause of anxiety and concern for you and your communities. As an organisation we believe you have the right to connect, vent, grieve and express your emotions around what is happening to your home; the planet.

This particular form of anxiety and these experiences in relation to the crisis are valid and justified and healthy. You deserve to have a stake in the future and we are committed to support you to get heard / amplify your message.

While we recognise we can’t solve it all at OTR, our actions will involve a focus on the mental health consequences of the crisis for you and we’ll provide spaces and opportunities to connect and gain support from your communities in Bristol, South Glos and North Somerset.

Current actions include prioritising mental health support with climate anxiety, shaping and developing our internal sustainability commitments (find below), collaborating with external organisations to bring young people together through social action however big or small.

What we can provide

What you can do to look after yourself


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