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The Resilience Lab is all about good mental health! The fun, interactive exercises have been designed to help you learn all about self-care.

Please note that the Resilience Lab sessions have moved online throughout the pandemic and lockdown. You can sign up with the button above. Read more about OTR’s availability here

Let’s face it, everyone at some stage in their life is going to be faced with something that they struggle with. Knowing how to get through these tricky times and ‘bounce back’ from them is really important for our health and happiness. At OTR’s Resilience Lab, we can inspire you to do just that.

The Resilience Lab is run by a team of trained young people with a whole host of ideas about how to cope with stress, stay relaxed, discover strengths, reach out to others and keep on top of things when life gets tough.

The Lab runs as a series of free and fun weekly workshops, packed full of activities, games and ideas to help look after your mental health and build your resilience.

The Resilience Lab is digital!

The Resilience Lab is also a digital project, be sure to check out some of online resources we’ve been developing! We’ll be adding new stuff all the time so check-back regularly, or sign-up to the OTR E-Newsletter to receive regular Resilience Lab tips and tricks direct to your inbox!


"You learn loads about stress and how it affects us, stuff they don't teach you in school. It's helped me get better at taking care of myself!"
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