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OTR’s new Resilience Lab for Young Adults provides an in-person opportunity to develop your emotional literacy and to discuss your mental health in a supportive environment, engaging as much as you feel comfortable.

The workshops mix lively group activities with a safe space for reflection for a period of 5 weeks.  You will work in a small group of peers, led by two experienced facilitators, in a private workshop space.

The Resilience Lab workshops are based on research that our personal levels of resilience (the ability to bounce forward after a setback) are not fixed, but learnable. In early adulthood, we are faced with an enormous amount of pressure. These pressures can be overwhelming and can sometimes trap us in a cycle of negative emotions, behaviours and thought patterns. These workshops will help you to understand and gradually adapt your responses to stress, and to develop mechanisms for getting out of that destructive cycle in a way that works for you. 

Please contact us ( if you have any further questions about the workshop, or if you would like to meet/chat with one of our friendly facilitators before attending.

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⏰ Starts Thursday 11th January, 4.00pm-5.00pm
📍 Online, Zoom

Workshop Overview

Before each workshop, there will be a 15 minute arrival window. You will have access to refreshments and there will be colouring/games provided for you to occupy yourself with whilst you wait. There will then be a ‘go round’ where everyone will introduce themselves, stating their name, pronoun, and a different ice-breaker each week.

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Week 4

Week 5

It's social, respectful and safe. It can touch deep subjects
Res Lab has given me language to understand how I feel.
Res lab shows you are not on your own with this.
Resilience Lab for Young Adults

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