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16-25 year olds

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Starts Friday 18th June

OTR Sounds is a six-week course offering a space for young people aged 16-25 to come together through collaborative playlist creation, and discuss the stories that inspire our choices.

Please note that the OTR Sounds sessions have moved online throughout the pandemic and lockdown. You can sign up with the button above. Read more about OTR’s availability here.

Meet the team 

OTR Sounds is run by Conor (he/him), Natalie (she/her) and Jacob (he/him). We all love music, and like chatting about it too!

Our job is to help everyone feel comfortable and welcome, take track requests for the evening, run the collaborative Spotify playlist, and offer a space for anyone who wants to have a chat or say anything in between tracks. Our priority is that OTR Sounds feels like a safe, welcoming and interesting space for you. You can also contact us privately during a session if you’re having any difficulties in the sessions or aren’t feeling great.

What can I expect?

OTR Sounds is a group for shared listening to music, so each week we start out with a quick go-round to say hello, then we plug our headphones in and listen together to music that you can choose. After each track there’s space to chat about it, or anything else that comes up for you, but talking is completely optional. Think of it like a very personal, interactive and friendly radio station! It’s also a really nice opportunity to meet new people, feel part of a community, and discover new music.

Each week we invite everyone to choose a loose theme for the session. The theme is just there to help you to think of tracks you’d like us to listen to – it’s like a jumping off point to inspire you, rather than a restriction.

Music can play a huge part in our mental wellbeing, different cultural identities, and our own life stories, so these topics are always welcome, along with anything else you’d like to talk about!


Feel free to email Jacob ( if you have any questions or want to have a chat before signing up. Otherwise, you’re very welcome to sign up using the link at the top of the page, and we’ll be in contact before the next set of sessions begins. Hope to catch you one Friday night soon!


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