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Age range

11-14, 15-18*

This group workshop is for anyone aged 11-14, or 15-18* struggling with difficult feelings related to stress, anxiety, low mood, or depression.

*Anyone up to 17 and 11 months is eligible. 

At Mind Aid, we look together at how living in difficult situations can cause these feelings, and learn ways that might help us manage better in what is often a stressful world. The workshop also offers a space to share with other young people going through the same stuff, but you don’t have to talk if you don’t want to.

You’ll learn how to protect yourself from everyday challenges, how to challenge your thoughts, how to relax and feel safe (a strategy that can also help with sleeplessness!), we’ll also look into how to cope with difficult emotions

Each workshop meets once a week for six weeks, and each has young people of a similar age in attendance.

We can use closed captions and live transcriptions in our online sessions and we encourage those with hearing impairments to take part 


Mind Aid 15-18*

  • Wednesdays 4 pm – 5:45 pm, Online
  • Starting 4th October for 6 weeks (not in half term)
  • This is for young people aged 15-17 and 11 months

Mind Aid 11-14

  • Mondays 4pm – 5:45 pm, Online
  • Starting 2nd October for 6 weeks (not in half term)
  • This is for young people aged 11-14


These Mind Aid Groups are now closed, keep an eye on our website and follow us or subscribe to our newsletter for details on future groups.

Workshop Overview

Week 1 – Introduction to mind aid
Week 2 – Identifying and coping with emotions and keeping safe
Week 3 – Anxiety and how to keep calm
Week 4 – Low mood and what to do about it
Week 5 – Challenging negative thoughts
Week 6 – Stress and self-care

"The MIND AID workshop is very welcoming and non-intimidating and offers skills that can help with everyday life, whilst helping you to understand yourself. I think the skills will help me long-term which is great!"
Mind Aid feedback
"It's a lovely opportunity to let out your worries and express yourself without anyone judging"
Mind Aid feedback
"It helped me become who I wanted to be"
Mind Aid feedback
"Mind Aid has helped with making everyday life a little bit easier and has taught me helpful tips to prevent anything getting out of hand"
Mind Aid feedback
"Mind Aid made me understand how I feel and why"
Mind Aid feedback
"I feel a lot happier. I still get anxious spells, although I've learnt it's normal!"
Mind Aid feedback
"I’d definitely recommend Mind Aid. It helps you be aware of what is happening and how to deal with a variety of stuff"
Mind Aid feedback
Mind Aid

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