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OTR’s Freedom works in partnership with Bristol Hate Crime and Discrimination Service’s as their LGBTQ+, supporting victims of Hate crime and Discrimination. We are one of six organisations working together to support all victims of hate crime across Bristol.


How do I get help?

If you have been a victim of a hate crime or discrimination you can contact us online or call our freephone number on 0800 171 2272. You will be assigned a case worker that will talk things through with you and we can work together to figure out what support you want. 

What support will I get? 

We can offer emotional support, help with reporting (if you choose to) and/or signposting you to other support within OTR/other organisations. Being a victim of a hate crime can feel isolating and scary and talking about it can be difficult. All of our case workers have lived experience, so you will be assigned someone that can relate to your experiences and help you navigate through your feelings. 

How do I know if I have been a victim of a hate crime?

A hate crime is a crime that is motivated by prejudice against someone because of who they are. If you have been targeted or abused because of your race, ethnicity, religion, disability (including mental health issues), sexual orientation, or gender identity then you have experienced a hate crime.

What can LGBTQ+ hate crime look like?

  • Verbal abuse, such as calling someone anti-LGBTQ+ names.
  • Bullying
  • Online abuse
  • Acting in a threatening or intimidating way 
  • Physical attacks 
  • Stealing or damaging your belongings 
  • Sending abusive or offensive messages 
  • Sexually threatening or violent behaviour 
  • Encouraging others to target LGBTQ+ people


You do not have to report to the police and can still receive support from us. Reporting can make a difference in defending your rights but can feel overwhelming, so we can help with the reporting process if you decide you want to.

'I have been a victim of homophobic abuse many times in my life and know how exhausting it is... and how reaching out can sometimes feel like more effort than it's worth! But I believe that as a community we can support each other in looking after our mental health and find strength in each other to be ourselves. Having people to talk to that understand my experiences helps me to feel strong and keep a good balance in my life, so I hope to be able to offer that to other people when they need it'
Vicki, OTR's Young Person's LGBTQ+ Hate crime case worker

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