Body image

Body image is something that we all have, meaning anyone can sometimes struggle with it. It can relate to the way we think and feel about ourselves and can link to all areas of our identity.

What is body image?

Body image can relate to all areas of our identity – this may include our gender, ethnicity, sexuality, ability, and more! It can be about our size, skin, hair, and/or our abilities. Depending on who we are, we may feel different pressures to look or be a certain way.

What impacts our body image?

We live in a world that has an opinion on everything we do – what hairstyle we have, how we should dress, what size we should be, and what our skin should look like. The list is endless.

These pressures have been around for a very long time and they can impact how we view ourselves. They can come from our childhood/upbringing, social media, friends, TV and films, books etc. Sometimes the messages are very obvious, but often they are hidden and a bit sneaky!

How might it impact you?

If you’re feeling the pressure to look or be a certain way, it may lead you to feel low in confidence, have negative thoughts about yourself, and engage in behaviours in an attempt to change your appearance.

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