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Shameless is OTR’s group for anyone aged 11-18 feeling impacted by issues around body image and low self-esteem. “Know your worth, find your power”.

At Shameless we look at why we’ve grown to feel ashamed of our bodies, where expectations of how we should look come from, and how to fight back against these messages.

It is a safe space for sharing experiences with other young people, but you don’t have to talk if you don’t want to.

During Shameless we will learn how to protect ourselves by:

  • Exposing the media
  • Challenging our thoughts and behaviours
  • Building self-worth

Together we’ll find practical ways to grow in confidence, accept our bodies and learn to celebrate who we are.

Shameless meets on a Tuesday evening in central Bristol, once a week for every six weeks, and the group size is around eight young people. 


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