The Resilience Lab

What is Resilience


There’s been a lot of research into what resilience is – most people describe it as our ability to ‘bounce back’ from the challenges we face. Resilience is a quality that anyone can develop to help them learn, grow and cope in tough times. At it’s core, being resilient is when we learn from the adversity we’ve faced and take that learning with us to help next time we face something difficult.

Why Learn About Resilience?

There’s research that suggests resilience is something you can learn, and that it can protect you from developing mental health difficulties. We think that practising being resilient can help you to thrive through the tough times, which can’t be a bad thing! Resilience happens in different ways for different people. It’s not something that always stays the same – in some situations we might be more resilient than others.

Isn’t Resilience Just Being Tough?

No! Resilience is way more than that. It’s not just about ‘getting on with it’ and pushing through when things are hard, but finding the sweet spot in the middle where we can cope with challenges without running ourselves into the ground or becoming unwell.

Resilience is…

  • Recognising that mistakes are part of life – a mistake is just information about how to do something differently next time! Without making mistakes we wouldn’t be able to grow as people.
  • Knowing when to rest, relax and take it easy and having a heap of different tricks up your sleeve for how to do that.
  • Connecting with others and reaching out for help when we need it.
  • Knowing what our strengths are and using them whenever we get the opportunity to.

Even if you’ve read all of the above and feel like ‘that’s not me’, we bet you are probably way more resilient than you realise! Join us over the next few pages to learn more about your own resilience…

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