Building strengths

Building strengths

Strengths are positive qualities that we have – things that we are good at. Everyone has them, but sometimes it’s hard for us to see them.

If you’re struggling to work out what we mean, think about your best friend. What do you like about them?

It might be because they’re funny or patient or kind or a good listener. These parts of their personality are strengths.

Have a look through our deck of Strengths cards:


You like to try new things and take on challenges


You can approach difficult situations without your fear getting in the way


You give a lot of attention to what you do


You are kind and like to help other people


You are good at thinking of new ideas and different ways to do things


When you want something you try hard and don’t give up


You have a lot of energy to get things done


You approach life with excitement and energy


You don’t hold grudges, stay angry or try to punish people when they do something bad


You are kind and pleasant for other people to be around


You think of others first


You speak to the truth and are always genuine


You feel good and optimistic about the future


You are modest and let your accomplishments speak for themselves


You enjoy getting things done on your own


You are gentle and warm towards people


You are always well prepared and ready


You stay calm and don’t get upset, even when something takes a long time


You are good fun and don’t always take things so seriously


You are good at knowing what to do and getting things done


You take things in your stride and don’t worry


You show respect for other people and things


You think and reflect a lot and like to support other people


You show empathy for other people and situations

Why Bother With Strengths?

Focusing on your strengths can help you to feel more confident, motivated and prepared for challenges. It’s a sure-fire way to become more resilient!

How Do I Find My Strengths?

It can be tough to work out what your strengths are, especially if you’ve often focused on your weaknesses or what you feel you’re not so good at in the past.

Try these ideas:

Think of a time that you did something you were really proud of. Now think about what strengths you used to make that thing happen. Were you creative, patient, wise or was it another strength you used?

Think of your best friend – what strengths do they have? Often strengths we recognise in others are actually ones that we also have ourselves but haven’t noticed yet.

Be brave and ask your friend to tell you about three strengths they think you have. Return the favour and share what strengths you see in them.