otrbristol | 29th July 2015

Gender Jelly from OTR

Do you identify on the Trans* spectrum and/or are you questioning your gender identity?

Are you under the age of 25?

The Gender Jelly project will be designing new and exciting resources about gender identity, Trans* identities and how to tackle Trans*phobic bullying in schools. Get your voice heard and make a change by getting involved!


The project has loads of ways to take part:

ProjecTeers will have input into the content and look of the resources that we will create to support teachers and young people in having conversations about gender identity, Trans* identity and Trans*phobic bullying.

There are a couple of other ways to get involved with creative projects…

– Photography project where you will have the chance to create bold images about gender and what it means to you.

– Creative arts session (poetry, creative writing, illustration, spoken word, art journalling… and more) which will be an opportunity to start your conversation about gender through art.

– Drama project (starts in September… more info to follow!)

Email Henry for a chat about getting involved and to find out times and dates for the sessions.

Sessions will be held in a central Bristol location and travel can be paid.

Email / Text or call 07496 965262


More info:

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