OTR Blogger | 19th January 2017

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Here’s the latest #OTRBlog from our Mental Health Practitioner – enjoy!


A New Year. And New resolutions… uh. Heard it all before? Of course you have.

Well don’t get your hands too tied with this year’s new resolution, it’s as easy as a hop, skip and a jump – into the art box.

I know art isn’t for everyone, but even if you do the slightest doodling on your pencil case or writing on your hand (yes I see plenty of adults doing it too), then you might be interested in this week’s theme.

Here at OTR’s Partnership Outreach Team we try to be flexible, adaptable and of course creative. We appreciate that not every young person wants to talk, and that some find it easier to use arts and crafts, drama, food, or any other medium for expression.

I stumbled across these ideas recently, and as I write I also remember seeing some amazing brightly coloured intention art pieces at a local inpatient unit. They instantly filled the room with good energy and hope.

Intention Word Doodles. Doesn’t quite roll off the tongue but here goes…

What you need:


What would you like to see on your fridge or bedroom wall to give you a little boost? (Think caring, supportive or just a gentle reminder)

Here are some suggestions:

You are wonderful Stick in there Be present Smile

deep breath

My one above is a little reminder for me that when things get overwhelming,  take a deep breath!

Try not to think too much, write your words out, then start doodling around it!

~Make lots, make one and have fun~


Check out this resource if you want more detailed guidance.