otrbristol | 12th September 2018

5 fun facts about Karen, our new CEO!

OTR recently announced that Karen Black is our new CEO, taking up the position this September. 
We want you to get to know Karen a bit better, because she’s totally awesome! 
We asked Karen to pick out some fun facts about herself – and after she’d finished cringing at the idea, here’s what she came up with: 
1. Karen’s favourite way to relax is to go on holiday. ☀
2. Her favourite thing about OTR is the fact that we see young people involved in delivery on a daily basis. Oh, and she really likes the view from her office too…
3. Karen’s currently totally engrossed on the Netflix series Luther (and definitely asked us to take out the bit about her fancying Idris Elba…)
4. We’re sure you’ll all understand this one – Karen’s favourite new Bristol discovery is Swoon on Park Street. (Hey Swoon HQ – wanna hit us up with free scoops? We’re a charity – go on!)

via Best of Bristol

5. Karen has two children – a girl (12) and a boy (10) – who help keep her grounded and, in her own words, “give me an idea of what really matters”