otrbristol | 7th April 2020

Sign up for free grow your own starter kit – delivered to your door

Wow – we’ve had such an overwhelming response to this (we’ve received requests for 3-4 times the amount of kits that we actually have!) that we’re pausing sign-ups for now and will be delivering on a first-come, first-served basis. Thank you to everyone who has shown an interest!

Fancy having a go at growing your own veg and flowers while in lockdown? Read on and sign up here!

Here at OTR we are exploring ways to keep connected and well throughout this difficult Coronavirus disruption. At our project Nature Works, we had a cool idea – we’d like to deliver FREE vegetable and flower growing starter kits to your doorstep, so you can watch and nurture something that will grow in the coming weeks.

These will be relatively easy to grow varieties but weather, soil and pests can always scupper our best efforts! Please remember that the process of having a go is as beneficial as what you get out at the end so please don’t be disappointed if you don’t grow prize winning veg!

Kits will vary depending on whether you have a window, patio, small garden or big. Each kit will come with:

  • Some seed compost
  • A tray for seedlings
  • A number of different vegetable and flowers varieties suitable for your space
  • Instruction on sowing seeds
  • Instructions on preparing soil or pots and planting out
  • The window kits will include enough soil for the whole of the plants lifetime
  • Some simple tips, tools and links to support your mental health and wellbeing during this time
Please note the following terms:
    • We can deliver within a 2.5 mile radius of our West Street office, which includes the postcodes BS1, BS2, BS3, BS4, BS5, BS6, BS7, BS13, BS16, BS98, BS99. We’ll deliver as quickly as we can but please give us a week or two!
    • Subject to availability; one kit per household please
    • This is subject to government changes and providing that we can still get out for exercise once per day (we’re delivering by bike – this will be our staff and volunteers’ exercise for the day!)
    • We will leave the seed kits on your doorstep to avoid any contact and to ensure we’re socially distancing
    • We won’t share any of your details
    • Once you’ve received your kit we’d LOVE it if you could share images of your progress on OTR’s Facebook!

Sign up for a seed kit:


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If you would like to make a donation to OTR to help us cover the cost of these kits, you can do so here – thank you!