What you say

I started going to the Creative drop-in at the Hubs when some of my other support sessions were coming to an end and one of my workers suggested it. I was feeling a bit let down and knew I needed something to give me some focus.

My worker took me to the first session. To start with I thought it was a bit strange as I didn’t know what to expect but I wanted to give it a chance and I’m glad I did as the next time I went I felt more comfortable. It was chilled out. To start with I didn’t really talk to anyone but I realised that people were there for the same reason as I am. Then I joined in the conversation as I became more comfortable with my surroundings.

The Creative drop-in gives me another space to be in, that’s not home. I spend a lot of time at home and the Creative drop-in allows me to be a normal person, to not talk about family stuff if I don’t want to. It gives me headspace, and I don’t have time to overthink things as there are other conversations going on.

I like the consistency of having somewhere else to go but also having the choice of whether I want to go or not. That’s really important to me - that choice means I want to go.

Being creative gives me a chance to get back into things I like, it’s nice to be able to use the skills that I have. It’s good for my wellbeing as I have time out from things, doing something I enjoy and not being questioned all the time. Also, we’re all involved in the process and development of the group, which means if things change I’m ok with that as I’m part of it.

Try it. I say to myself “ I can’t say no to it unless I’ve tried it”. It’s important to push yourself to try stuff. I didn't want to come to start with as I was anxious, so if you’ve got someone to take you, that’s a nice way to start until you feel comfortable on your own. It’s friendly, no-one’s going to judge you!

The group feels safe. It's a happy place, it’s bright and light and it’s a small space, so I can always see what’s going on. I also know when I walk through the door that there will always be someone there that I know.