otrbristol | 30th January 2013

Mentality update – January 2013!

Happy New Year! It’s been a while.

Here at Mentality, we’ve been pretty busy over the past few months. We’ve mostly been working on our resource pack for schools – there’s only 3 weeks left until our deadline so quite a lot of work to do, but it’ll be worth it in the end! The pack will be lessons we can teach to different year groups about mental health and emotional well-being.

We also went on a residential weekend to Goblin Combe in November/December, to learn some new skills. It was weird being away from the city (or, more importantly for some of us, the internet) but it was a good break and we survived! Becky, Jo and Laura led these workshops for us (with food and game breaks, of course) and taught us how to lead discussions, help a friend with their mental health, make a presentation and give constructive criticism. There were some great team building activities and ice-breakers included in these, too, and everything was taught gradually with input from the team along the way, so we could bounce ideas off each other and get a fuller understanding.

When we weren’t working hard, there was time to go on walks, listen to music, play bingo or just generally chill out. We also had a scavenger hunt and campfire to keep us warmed up too!

Since returning to civilization and the New Year, we’ve been shaking out the cobwebs and busying ourselves with the resource pack. We’ve also started updating our tumblr again, so feel free to check it out (maybe not live for another week or so) and follow us if you’re on there.

There are several videos in the making the for the resource pack, one is to tell people about counselling; technical difficulties have got in the way but we’re sticking with it! So keep a ear and eye out for new video uploads!

That’s the basics for now – check back again soon!