OTR Blogger | 12th January 2017

OTR Life – Our Mental Health Practitioner on happy sleeping

Ohhh sorry I must have been snoozing…
A belated Happy New Year to you all!
I’m kicking this week off with some sleep, how great?!
Ah yes, most of us have come back from holidays and are headed back to work, school or the other adventures that life throws at us. How quickly do we become tired, lacking energy, restless at night and unable to sleep? Hmmm… ask me tomorrow!
A huge percentage of the young people we work with have difficulties sleeping. If it isn’t hard getting to sleep, it can be difficult to maintain good quality sleep and getting up in the morning is pretty much impossible (know the feeling?)
Teenagers need somewhere between 8-10 hours sleep a night and yet some get as little as, well, zero!!
We all know what not enough sleep feels like. THE WORST. A serious case of the grumps, yawning non stop, maybe even falling asleep in class…. how embarrassing!!!
Here at OTR we have developed some Sleep Hygiene Kits. Awww they have sheep on them. No, seriously these kits have some practical and (if you want technical) ‘medically evidenced’ ideas for getting to sleep. Go on, take a look.
We talked to our Young Advisors to find out what helps them get to sleep too, because we like to keep informed 🙂
We have some nice herbal teabags, some kickass yoga moves and apps for relaxing and distracting yourself from worrying thoughts. There are some earbuds (if you live in a noisy house), a warming eyemask and other bits too! The sleep guide makes suggestions on how to get into a nice bedtime routine. Trust me, routine isn’t as boring as it sounds.
Instead of staying up until 2am watching TV and drinking tea, try a warm bath, some light reading and something soothing (decaffeinated preferably) to drink.
sleep kits
Be kind to yourselves and gently ease into bed and that will help you ease into the morning.
Happy sleeping…….ZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz