otrbristol | 2nd May 2018

OTR’s Strengths Zine

Strengths are different to skills or talents – strengths are qualities that we have that make up our character. Things like ‘calm’, ‘adventurous’, ‘loyal’.

At OTR we often talk about ‘building our strengths’… but what does this actually mean?

We can call on our strengths to help us and help others. Knowing what our strengths are can support us to get through other tough times that we might face in the future.

Download our zine and explore your strengths!

If you’d like a printed version of the zine, come along to one of our Hubs!

Try this:

  • Think either about a strength that you have, or a strength in someone else that inspires you.
  • Upload a picture that best explains this strength to you.
  • Write a couple of sentences about what you’ve chosen to upload and why.
  • Upload/Share it on Instagram/Twitter with the hashtag #OTRShowusyourstrengths
  • Our favourite posts will be reblogged by OTR as a celebration the strengths we all have!