otrbristol | 31st May 2018

OTR’s Summer Zine

Summer can be a really nice time of year with loads of stuff to look forward to.

Some of the best stuff about summer are the little things – the every day stuff that we might not think about, but summer wouldn’t be the same without!

However, the lack of routine can also be pretty difficult, leaving us feeling disorganised and knocked off of our A-game.

Download our zine and let’s get summer sorted!

If you’d like a printed version of the zine, come along to one of our Hubs!

Try this:

OTR is all about bringing people together. We firmly believe in the power of community and people supporting each other. Lets share our goals and inspire/be inspired by others!

  • Think either about a summer goal you want to work towards this year. Big or small, it’s down to you!
  • Upload a picture that best explains the meaning of this goal to you. Write a couple of sentences about what you’ve chosen to upload and why.
  • Upload/Share it on Instagram/Twitter with the hashtag #SummerGoals Our favourite posts will be reblogged by OTR to help inspire others with their summer break!