OTR Blogger | 8th August 2017

OTR Blog – 10 things we’d NEVER say to you

Here’s the latest in the #OTRBlog series! 

It can seem scary and a wee bit daunting when you’ve decided it’s time to get some help. You know where to go, and maybe what to say but you don’t always know what to expect.

So here’s a short guide to ways in which we won’t respond, and why!

(Trust me, half of my job is convincing others that I’m not a monster…!)

“We have a cure”

Straight up, not true. It would be lying. Chances are, YOU are the cure.

“Get medication”

It’s something that often needs explaining to people, but the truth is, we want to get to know you – through being with you, talking or creating. Medication can be a very small part of feeling better but the relationship is key!

“Meditation is the only option”

OK OK, don’t fret, it isn’t the only option. If you feel a bit silly at first, it’s likely we all did. Deep breathing and awareness comes in all shapes and sizes, you probably already do it without realising!

“Oh you poor little thing!”

Sad puppy dog eyes and sympathy aren’t always most helpful and we know that. We treat you like a human bean, because you are one, just like the BFG!

“I have to tell your parents”

An important one here. We don’t tell other people (including parents/carers) things that have been confidentially disclosed, UNLESS you are at significant risk of harm from yourself or others, or risk of harm to others.

“Don’t go to school, college or work”

In rare situations, would we suggest avoiding education or employment. Unless they were proving to be more distressing, engaging in something is really important and can help shift that sluggishness, overthinking or daytime sleeping.

“We can’t help you”

So, we don’t have a cure, BUT we will always try and help find the right source of support – even if it’s linking in with other services like education, sexual health, substance misuse or other youth groups.

“You’re just going through adolescence”

We like to be kind and helpful here, so this flippancy is unlikely to be well received. Adolescence and difficulties with emotional wellbeing are not the same thing.

“We make the goals for you”

Now, this would be plain impossible and certainly unsuccessful. We plan alongside you, and with you all the way.

“You’ll have to try harder”

We may give you a gentle nudge along the way, but we are patient too. Time is often the greatest healer, we can’t rush these things.

So, now you know what we’re totally NOT going to say to you when you come through the door at OTR. What we can promise is a listening ear, a cracking range of services (we’re pretty sure we have something for everyone!), and – if we do say so ourselves – a pretty comprehensive range of biscuits.

Come along and meet us. We’re running Hubs every Friday in Old Market Bristol. We’d love to say hey.