We run various services and projects across Bristol and South Gloucestershire which you can find out about here. They have been designed with the help of young people to promote and improve your mental health and wellbeing, and all of them are delivered by a team of super-friendly staff and volunteers.

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Inspiration Works

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Mind Aid

You can see us at OTR on a one-to-one basis if you like. Our team of therapists come from a wide range of backgrounds and work in a variety of ways. They’ve all been chosen to work at OTR because whatever technique they have trained in, they will listen to what you say and won’t judge you.

We call our counselling service (talking therapies) Space to Talk – this can be a great way to explore and understand your thoughts, feelings and behaviours, approach the challenges you might be facing, and discover your strengths. You can talk about whatever you like; your counsellor is there to help you find your own way forward. And if you feel like it’s not working, you can try someone or something else that we offer!

BTW – We also run group work from time to time, which can be a brilliant way to meet people going through the same issue and find support. We run groups on things like anger, mindfulness, anxiety and managing low mood. Keep an eye on our Latest News page for details of where and when they are happening.

We have our base in central Bristol, but our counsellors and therapists are based all over the city and across South Gloucestershire too; check out the map to find your nearest one. You can access them by contacting us directly, with the help of someone else, or via your GP and the South Gloucestershire Talking Therapies (IAPT).

You can download an e-flyer for any of our outreach services below…

Knowle West / Southmead / Withywood

I’d Like to Speak

Sometimes, expressing your thoughts, feelings and experiences through art is easier than using words. Art therapy uses different materials to help you express feelings and emotions in an individual way.

We call this Inspiration Works.

During sessions you can work with a range of materials. There are no set rules – it’s up to you what you use and how a session should go.

Each week you can make something new, but there’s no pressure to. You don’t need to be good at art and you won’t be judged on what you make or do. We will support you in the creative process but it’s totally OK if you’re not feeling creative and prefer to just talk instead.

Here are some examples of the work created in OTR’s Art Therapy…

"Risking it all" by Anon

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You can keep up to date with all of the sessions going on at Inspiration Works on Facebook (or give us a call of course!)

I’d Like to Speak

We all know life has ups and downs and that sometimes things get stressful. Knowing how to bounce back from those challenges is really important for our health and happiness.

Sometimes we all rely on unhealthy ways to cope with stress. Here at OTR we’re big believers in taking care of yourself properly – knowing when to rest, how to relax and recognise your strengths are important features of good mental health, and the great thing is you can learn them!

All our Youth Support Workers have a toolkit of psychological tips, techniques, ideas and resources. When you meet one of them for a session, they will listen and support you to manage feelings of anxiety, stress, worry and more.

We also offer free and fun workshops for young people that teach these skills and ideas for how to cope with stress and deal with life’s challenges. To find out more or to book a workshop, be sure to check out The Resilience Lab.

You can download a flyer here…

Resilience Lab Flyer

I’d Like to Speak

Many of us question our sexuality or gender at some point in our lives. This can be a confusing and isolating process, especially if those around you don’t understand. You are not alone!

Sometimes, being around other people experiencing similar stuff can help us to understand who we are and to feel part of a community. Freedom is our LGBTQ service for young people in Bristol, and we run two different age groups: 13-19 and 19-25.

Freedom is a fun, safe, inclusive and supportive project where you can meet other lesbian, gay, bi, trans, queer or questioning young people. It’s open to anyone questioning their sexuality or gender – there are no labels applied!

Freedom is a young person led project that – depending on what you want – includes everything from social events, workshops and trips to activism and campaigning. As well as being fun and informal, you can also get specialist one-to-one and group support, including counselling.

Interested? For more information or an informal chat contact Henry on 07496 965262 or henry@otrbristol.org.uk.

Download the Freedom Flyer

Check Freedom out on Facebook too!

I’d Like to Speak

Are you currently experiencing bullying or have in the past? Are you struggling with confidence and would like people to talk to who are experiencing similar things to you?

Come along to STRIVE – OTR’s anti-bullying support group meeting weekly to share experiences of bullying in a safe, supportive environment.

At STRIVE we host workshops around topics you feel are important, and design campaigns against bullying. 

You will learn coping techniques and resilience through fun activities to help improve your self-esteem and get to know others.

You can also book a one-to-one appointment before coming along to STRIVE to meet a friendly face and discuss the group.

STRIVE runs weekly on Fridays in central Bristol.


Strive (ages 12-16)

Strive (ages 17-25)

Zazi means ‘Know Yourself, Know Your Strength’ and works with young people in inner-city Bristol, with a focus on those from BME communities as well as young people engaged in gangs and youth violence.

Zazi run a number of sessions, including:

Real Talk

If you are aged 11-18 we run a weekly group, where you can explore your identity and culture, try new activities and learn new skills. These sessions promote good physical and mental health, relationships and lifestyles. Mondays at Inspiration Works, 5-7pm Contact shanade@otrbristol.org.uk Boys to Men Weekly run boys-only group, discovering manhood through physical activities (including boxing), whilst exploring conflict resolution and gang exit strategies.

Contact: chris@otrbristol.org.uk

Boys to Men

Weekly run boys ONLY group, discovering manhood through physical activities, including boxing. Whilst exploring conflict resolution and gang exit strategies.

Contact: chris@otrbristol.org.uk


Girl Talk

Weekly run girls-only group, empowering young females to make informed choices, whilst exploring the female world around you. Girl Talk draws upon both challenges and opportunities that occur for young females within our city.

Contact: shanade@otrbristol.org.uk


We offer targeted brief intervention one to one work in schools primarily with young people who are at the risk of exclusion, not engaging in school and who may be interested in exploring there cultural identity.  
Please enquire for further information:  Contact – David@otrbristol.org.uk
Our schools offer also includes targeted workshops which explore topics such as Anger Management, Sexuality and Gender, Identity, Role Models, Drugs and Gangs. Contact – Clayton@otrbristol.org.uk

Mentality is our award winning youth led social action project that aims to challenge the stigma and discrimination surrounding young people’s mental health. Oh, and they’re also really interested in improving mental health services for young people, including at OTR!

Mentality is made up of young volunteers aged 13-21 who have lived experience of mental health problems. The project offers training, support and accreditation, and supports volunteers to find their individual and collective voice.

Young people on the Mentality Project outreach to schools, colleges and other youth settings across Bristol and South Gloucestershire, delivering their training and workshops to thousands of young people and professionals each year. But really that’s just scratching the surface of what they’ve achieved since 2010, check out their page on Latest News to see what we mean!

You can download a flyer here…

Mentality Flyer

Interested or want to know more? Get in touch with Laura at laura@otrbristol.org.uk

What’s it about?

Do you self-harm or know anyone who does? The hARMED workshop is for anyone struggling with self-harm or thoughts of self-harm. Self-harm can have a number of causes such as difficult life situations at home, school or work. In this workshop, we will look at how our stressful world can lead us to cope in certain ways. Then, we will begin to look at other ways we can manage. The workshop also offers a space for you to share with your peers, but you don’t have to talk if you don’t want to.

What will we learn?

· Facts and myths about self-harm.
· Keeping safe.
· The science of the mind and body works.
· How to deal with difficult emotions.
· How to reduce self-harm by learning new ways to manage.

Workshops will meet once a week every week for six weeks and have around 8 young people (max age is 25). To book this workshop request a space at your choice appointment, or call our main office on 0808 808 9120 or email confidential@otrbristol.co.uk. Workshops run regularly every few months.

What’s it about?

The Mental Health workshop is for anyone struggling with difficult feelings such as stress, anxiety, low mood, or depression. We will look together at how living in difficult situations can cause these feelings, and learn ways that might help us manage better in what is often a stressful world. The workshop also offers a space to share with your peers, but you don’t have to talk if you don’t want to.

What will we learn?

· How to protect ourselves from everyday challenges.
· How to challenge our thoughts and focus attention to build our mental health
· How to relax and feel safe. (A strategy that can also help with sleeplessness!)
· How to use simple techniques so we do more of what we want to do.

Workshops will meet once a week every week for six weeks and have around 8 young people (max age is 25). To book this workshop request a space at your choice appointment, or call our main office on 0808 808 9120 or email confidential@otrbristol.co.uk. Workshops run regularly every few months.

Download a Mind Aid flyer