otrbristol | 4th December 2018

OTR on loneliness

What is often sold to us as the most wholesome, family focussed and loving time of year can actually be really difficult.

Whether it be because our family doesn’t look like the ones we see in adverts and can be tough to spend time with, or because we don’t feel like we fit in with them, or simply because we don’t have a way of spending time with anyone over the holiday season – a common theme emerges – that of loneliness.

Culturally, loneliness is something that is a bit complex – we’re expected to be independent yet always have people around
us, we’re told we’re more connected than ever because of social media yet we can feel exhausted by it and it can even make us feel more detached… it’s a messy idea at the best of times.

Yet the underlying idea is that loneliness = bad, or ‘if you’re a good human you won’t feel alone’.

We want to challenge that idea.

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