otrbristol | 1st September 2018

OTR on community!

Community is one of those words that gets chucked about loads, but is also hard to actually understand what it means.

Kind of like ‘wellbeing’, or ‘No, I don’t want any more pizza thanks’. However, at OTR we are firm believers in the power of community!

At OTR, a community is when a group of people are brought together because they all have something in common – an activity (like a football team), an interest (like being part of a fanbase), similar identities (like ethnicity, sexuality or beliefs) or a goal (like people on the same career path, or hoping to achieve the same stuff.) A community can even just be a handful of people if it’s strong and meaningful!

This booklet is designed to help us look at the communities we’re a part of, how a good community can be really helpful for us in our lives and how when we find the ‘right people’ to hang out with, it can give us somewhere to ‘belong’. Now, get reading and go make the most of (or start finding) your crew!

Download our zine and let’s explore the possibilities!

If you’d like a printed version of the zine, come along to one of our Hubs!

We had a chat on BBC Radio Bristol all about the importance of community – you can listen at this link from the 51m 40s mark.

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