otrbristol | 21st February 2019

New sessions with St Werburghs City Farm!

Are you aged between 18-25 and interested in tackling the rise in loneliness in your age group?

This group, from OTR and St Werburghs City Farm, is going to explore the recently reported rise in loneliness in 18-25 year olds and the associated impact on mental health and wellbeing. We will be considering the social determinants of this rise and exploring ways to combat it – in other words, considering to what extent mental health is a problem with the individual or wider society.

We will aim to better understand what it means to be engaged in ‘activism’ or ‘social action’ and how these acts can be a form of self care, potentially alleviating feelings of loneliness or disconnection.

We will also be considering what social action at the farm looks like, and how it can better meet the needs of this group. In doing so, we hope to find ways to create a greater connectedness to people, place and planet, for ourselves and others.

Lastly, we will discuss how we ensure the farm keeps serving the needs of this group. We will consider what a long-term youth committee could look like and the potential for greater representation in decision making and reflection for this group.

Please apply to Tim on or call 01179 428241 – all applications considered!