otrbristol | 24th November 2012

OTR at The Station!

Hey peeps! OTR has now officially taken over two big rooms on the 3rd Floor of The Station, Bristol’s new multi-purpose multi-million pound one-top-shop for young people!!

We’re up on the third floor with Brook, the sex and relationships people, but our neighbours also include Young Bristol, 222 Project, Basement Studio and the YMCA, who are running the brilliant cafe on the ground floor. We’ll be publishing more about what we’ll be offering soon, but for now our award winning Mentality Project ha staken up residence, as has D, our new Development Worker, who is running a media project looking at the effect of stereotypes on our self-image. The Resilience Lab will also be based there every Wednesday night.

We’ll be hosting a group run by BCSW for young women who self-harm on Monday nights, and you can expect us to be running groups on anger, depression, anxiety, mindfulness and self-esteem from January. So, big changing times for us, come along and say hello!

Check out the website for more info…