otrbristol | 24th February 2022

Covid update – February 2022

Hi everyone! As you may have read, the government has released new rules around COVID-19 which take effect from today (Thursday 24th February) – lifting all the restrictions we’ve lived under for the past two years. We wanted to let you know what this means when you come to OTR:

Although there is no longer a legal need for this, at OTR we have taken the decision that anyone with symptoms, or with the virus, are encouraged to self-isolate. This means that our staff and volunteers stay safe, but also means you will not be coming into an environment where anyone is knowingly unwell.

We will encourage wearing a face mask around OTR premises, but this is your choice. We will take your temperature when you come in to OTR to make sure you’re not displaying symptoms – this is for the safety of yourself and others around you.

OTR will also still be sensibly limiting the number of people in any group setting. We will continue to provide online spaces for you to meet us – this will all be displayed on our website and then discussed with you in advance.

We understand that not everyone feels comfortable with the lifting of restrictions. This is a time of change, so we will be guided by you and how you want to feel safe. You can talk to anyone at OTR, either before, during or after your session, about your approach to coming to OTR in-person and what we can do to help.

We are hopefully looking ahead to better times, but we are still doing our best to be safe and listen to you!