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OTR are publishing a book, and we want YOU to get involved!

We believe that you’re the experts of your own wellbeing. Often you’re told what to do by the people around you.This is your chance to speak out and get your voIce heard, as well as helping other people your age. This is also your chance to let adults and professionals know what has worked for you.

We know that life can be really tough sometimes, especially when we’re navigating our teenage years. We face pressure from school, family, relationships and social media which can impact negatively on how we feel about ourselves and the world around us. We could go through all sorts of things, like being bullied, struggling with our body image, having difficult family relationships, losing someone close to us, addiction, self harm or suicidal thoughts.

We’re looking for stories of hope and encouragement, told through the medium of articles, prose, poetry, listicles, photography, illustration, artwork and even helpful creative ideas or recipes which helped you get through hard times.

All proceeds from the book will go towards supporting and furthering OTR’s work with young people. This could be anything from funding new projects to more staff members to help us to reach and support more young people.

Please be aware that this is not a channel to access OTR services. For more information about accessing our services, please see the What We Do page.

Entry dates

  • Submissions for the OTR Book will be accepted from Friday 2nd November 2018.
  • The deadline for receipt of the first wave of entries entries is 9am (GMT) on Monday 11th March 2019.

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