What you say

We don’t normally blow our own trumpet, but it’s important you know what we do works!

  • The staff here have been incredible, making me feel comfortable and at ease. I think they’ve probably saved my life/health and I can’t thank OTR enough.

  • OTR helped me to find ways to express how I feel and how to use ways of communication to express my feelings. I now understand there are more ways of communication and ways to deal with my feelings.

  • My time here has completely changed my life in so many positive ways. Walking in every week met by warm and kind people has made me feel so at home. Leaving now feels like saying goodbye to an old friend.

  • Coming to OTR has given me the opportunity to talk about what distressed me and try to break it down in bits and make it better. It is nice to talk to somebody who is not part of your life and receive advice from the outside.

  • When I came to OTR I always felt welcomed and reassured and when I left I always felt relief and a sense of progress and that I was working on my issues. I would recommend it to anyone.

  • Thank you for helping me through my cloud of worry and providing me with the tools for clarity and awesomeness.