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This group workshop is for anyone aged 11-15 struggling with difficult feelings related to stress, anxiety, low mood, or depression.


At Mind Aid, we look together at how living in difficult situations can cause these feelings, and learn ways that might help us manage better in what is often a stressful world. The workshop also offers a space to share with other young people going through the same stuff, but you don’t have to talk if you don’t want to.

You’ll learn how to protect yourself from everyday challenges, how to challenge your thoughts, how to relax and feel safe (a strategy that can also help with sleeplessness!), and how to use simple techniques to build and maintain good mental health.

Each workshop meets once a week for six weeks, and each has about 10 young people of a similar age in attendance.

Our upcoming dates are as follows:

Mondays @ OTR, St. Michael’s Hill BS2 8EA
Tues 17th Sep – Tues 22nd Oct, 4.45-6.30pm

You can only sign up to one OTR group at a time (our groups are: Mind Aid, hARMED and Shameless) – this is because they run at the same time!

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