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OTR is proudly part of ViP!

OTR Bristol is proud to become a member of the Voice and Influence Partnership (ViP). ViP is a collaboration of organisations working to increase participation from equalities and under-represented groups and striving to increase voice and participation from LGBTQ+ people across the city. Working with individuals, organisations and groups, ViP will raise awareness of ongoing […]

A note from OTR on our one-to-one service for 18+ year olds

OTR is making some changes to its services for young people aged 18+, so we wanted to write a note explaining our decision and future intentions. OTR delivers mental health info and support throughout Bristol and South Gloucestershire to young people aged 11-25 years, across a range of settings and using a variety of different […]

New sessions with St Werburghs City Farm!

Are you aged between 18-25 and interested in tackling the rise in loneliness in your age group? This group, from OTR and St Werburghs City Farm, is going to explore the recently reported rise in loneliness in 18-25 year olds and the associated impact on mental health and wellbeing. We will be considering the social […]

A new year message from OTR!

OTR on loneliness

What is often sold to us as the most wholesome, family focussed and loving time of year can actually be really difficult. Whether it be because our family doesn’t look like the ones we see in adverts and can be tough to spend time with, or because we don’t feel like we fit in with […]

OTR on Children in Need 2018!

We’re going to be on your TV screens this week! We’re super-proud to share that this week, young people from OTR’s Zazi project will be on your screens as part of BBC’s Children in Need programme! BBC Children in Need believes that every child should have a safe, happy secure childhood and the chance to […]

OTR on assertive communication

At OTR, we think that communication is key. Not only to help us to reach out and connect with others, but also to get our basic needs met. One of the key tools to this is something called ‘assertive communication’, or ‘being assertive’. But what does being assertive even mean? Download our zine to explore […]

Taster sessions in upcoming Hubs!

The OTR Hubs are the front door to our services – you can come along, have a chat, and together we’ll figure out the best next steps. Sometimes that might be signing up to an OTR project or group. In the coming weeks, we’re going to be running ‘taster sessions’ for some of our groups […]

OTR on normalising death!

Death is something that all of us experience in varying ways, and is a key part of life. It’s absolutely natural, permanent and can even underlie a lot of our worries. So… why do we never talk about it? At OTR we recognise that death is something that brings with it a lot of feelings, often a lot […]

Karen Black announced as new CEO of OTR

Off the Record Bristol (OTR), the mental health social movement by and for young people, are delighted to announced that they have this month appointed Karen Black as their new Chief Executive. Karen steps up from her previous role as Operations Director at OTR, replacing outgoing CEO Simon Newitt, who departed in August after nine […]

5 fun facts about Karen, our new CEO!

OTR recently announced that Karen Black is our new CEO, taking up the position this September.    We want you to get to know Karen a bit better, because she’s totally awesome!      We asked Karen to pick out some fun facts about herself – and after she’d finished cringing at the idea, here’s […]

OTR on community!

Community is one of those words that gets chucked about loads, but is also hard to actually understand what it means. Kind of like ‘wellbeing’, or ‘No, I don’t want any more pizza thanks’. However, at OTR we are firm believers in the power of community! At OTR, a community is when a group of people are brought together because […]