Monthly Archives: May 2018

OTR’s Summer Zine

Summer can be a really nice time of year with loads of stuff to look forward to. Some of the best stuff about summer are the little things – the every day stuff that we might not think about, but summer wouldn’t be the same without! However, the lack of routine can also be pretty […]

GUEST BLOG: Zinnia’s skin tips

Looking forward to some sunshine but worried about showing your skin? Many young people may experience anxieties around summer with their body, particularly their skin. Check out these helpful tips from OTR’s Peer Navigator Zinnia. Check out the skin positive movement. #skinpositivity is trending on Instagram – all skin is good skin, but it can be […]

Are Mental Health and Art Inseparable? By R.K. – who is an OTR user

We’re proud to host this extended piece of writing from RK, who has been supported by OTR. It’s a fascinating exploration of mental health and art, and how creating art can help the healing process. Thank you RK for sending this in and allowing us to host such a thoughtful piece. Please note: This piece […]

This summer: guest speakers at the #OTRHub!

OTR’s Hubs provide a space to drop-in and chat about all things wellbeing – and also to navigate the groups and support on offer not only from OTR, but from other places around Bristol and South Glos too. This summer, we’re really pleased to welcome some friends from other organisations into the Bristol Hubs. Here’s […]

12 things Mentality do to de-stress!

It’s Mental Health Awareness Week this week (14-20th May), and this year the theme is stress. At OTR’s Mentality Project, we wanted to challenge this theme, and instead of talking about how bad stress is – and how negative it can be – we instead wanted to share some things we collectively do to de-stress. […]

OTR’s Strengths Zine

Strengths are different to skills or talents – strengths are qualities that we have that make up our character. Things like ‘calm’, ‘adventurous’, ‘loyal’. At OTR we often talk about ‘building our strengths’… but what does this actually mean? We can call on our strengths to help us and help others. Knowing what our strengths are can support […]