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A blog from our CEO Simon – reflections…

Some reflections on my way out the door… After nine years as Chief Executive here at OTR I’m moving on and away from working directly in mental health. In my final days here I’ve been asking myself what the heck it is I’ve actually learned in that time and so, for what it’s worth(!), here’s […]

OTR Blog – From Participation to Participating

  For several years here at OTR we have tried (and tried again) to get young people involved in decision-making at the highest levels of the organisation. Specifically, we have grappled with trying to achieve meaningful representation and voice at board level. It’s never really succeeded against any basic definition of the word ‘meaningful’, despite […]

OTR in 2016: How We Do Mental Health

This is a blog about the OTR model and the conceptual ideas that underpin it. But please read on, I promise it won’t be as boring as that reads back! I’ve written it to help explain the OTR mission more clearly and because it’s important we make our assumptions about what we do explicit. One […]