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OTR Blog – 10 things we’d NEVER say to you

Here’s the latest in the #OTRBlog series!  It can seem scary and a wee bit daunting when you’ve decided it’s time to get some help. You know where to go, and maybe what to say but you don’t always know what to expect. So here’s a short guide to ways in which we won’t respond, and […]

OTR Blog – Managing difficult relationships

A relationship can have its ups and downs, but sometimes the relationship can include more downs then ups. An unhealthy relationship can lead to the deterioration of a person’s mental wellbeing. An unhealthy/abusive relationship is not gender specific – the abuser can be both male and female, nor does it matter if they are in […]

OTR Blog – Let’s talk politics!

  Here’s the latest blog from our Mental Health Practitioner, this time exploring what’s on everyone’s lips right now – the general election. For more from our Staff Blogger, click here. Election day! So, let’s talk politics. Seven years ago, I was about to vote in my first ever general election. I was working as […]

Exam season looms – some tips from OTR

    Dare to focus on the positive We’re going to start this list with something a little controversial. How about instead of looking at exams as being wholly bad, associate what you are revising to a good memory or a happier period of your life. Through associating these positive connections your brain finds it […]

#OTRBlog – Exercise for thinking and feeling well

  Here’s the latest in the #OTRBlog series from our Mental Health Practitioner – this time talking all things exercise! I’ve recently been reading several other mental health blogs, usually from the perspective of someone with current or past difficulties. It’s useful to be informed by others, and these blogs are often extensive and quite […]

OTR Life – “Intrusive Thoughts”

  This is the latest in a series of blog posts from one of our Mental Health Practitioners. See #OTRBlog on Twitter for more! INTRUSIVE THOUGHTS. Ever had them? Throughout my time training and reflecting on mental health, I have been hearing about intrusive thoughts. But at some point I realised: I’d been experiencing them […]

OTR Life – “Endings”

  Here’s the latest in our #OTRBlog series, where one of our Mental Health Practitioners gives a behind-the-scenes look at life at OTR. If you’ve not already read the previous posts, catch up here: An Introduction / Hectic Christmas /  Outreach Day / We love sleep! / Creativity / Why be a mental health practitioner? […]

OTR Life – Why am I a mental health practitioner?

  WHY Mental Health?! Over the past week I’ve been asked by various people – parents and young people – why I am a mental health practitioner. It got me thinking. Part of our work involves setting goals, asking questions like: What are your interests? What would you like to do when you finish school? […]

OTR Life – A blog on creativity!

Here’s the latest #OTRBlog from our Mental Health Practitioner – enjoy! — CREATIVITY! A New Year. And New resolutions… uh. Heard it all before? Of course you have. Well don’t get your hands too tied with this year’s new resolution, it’s as easy as a hop, skip and a jump – into the art box. […]

OTR Life – Our Mental Health Practitioner on happy sleeping

Ohhh sorry I must have been snoozing… A belated Happy New Year to you all! I’m kicking this week off with some sleep, how great?! Ah yes, most of us have come back from holidays and are headed back to work, school or the other adventures that life throws at us. How quickly do we […]

OTR Life – Blog from a Mental Health Practitioner: Outreach Day

[Read previous blogs here and here] Yep, I’m on my bike again! It’s been super cold this week, but finally the sun is out and it gives me some inspiration on my cycle into East Bristol. Today is my outreach day; I have a variety of outreach, office and hospital assessment days – it keeps […]

OTR Life – Christmas Blog from a Mental Health Practitioner

[Read the first post here] For confidentiality reasons we are anonymising the member of staff, and any reference to young people.  — Well hi there! It’s been a hectic week to say the least. Every so often I find a space to breathe and go eat in The Kitchen downstairs, where there’s great food, and […]